ON SONG: David Sparrow at the keyboard
ON SONG: David Sparrow at the keyboard

A PAIR of Christian composers from the dale have seen seven of their songs performed and recorded by members of a West End musical actors’ group.
Max Moore and David Sparrow had two of their Christmas tunes recorded with the West Auckland Vineyard Church several years ago, but more recently have found it hard to find anyone with the time to practice and record their latest offerings.
This changed, however, when Mr Sparrow, from Startforth, saw an item on BBC’s Songs of Praise. He said: “It was about a group of Christians in London called West End Has Faith. What they have in common is that they perform in West End shows and similar.
“They have a Facebook page so I thought I would write to them to see if any of them would be interested in recording our songs. It may seem a bit of a cheeky thing to do but I thought ‘why not?’.”
Almost immediately the former solicitor received an enthusiastic reply from Lizzie Tatton and Luke Simnett of the West End group, who went on to record all seven songs they had penned.
Mr Sparrow said: “The seven songs are all different styles and not every musician is on all of the songs. We are having videos made for each song and they are mostly completed.” Now they are hoping to release a full album in the summer, although one of the songs, “He is My Lord”, has already been released and can be found on YouTube and other streaming platforms.
Once completed the album will be available on CD and DVD for those who do not have access to streaming services. Anyone who wants to listen to the recently released song can search for “He Is My Lord Lizzie Tatton Luke Simnett” on YouTube.