FEATHERED FRIENDS: Covids will be on display at artist Holly Scott’s latest exhibition at The Station TM pic
FEATHERED FRIENDS: Covids will be on display at artist Holly Scott’s latest exhibition at The Station TM pic

SINCE being crowned best newcomer at the prestigious Great North Art Show last year, Teesdale-based artist Holly Scott said she has never been busier.

The self-confessed lover of nature, who finds inspiration for her work on walks across the fells, says she has been overwhelmed by the level of interest the award has generated.

“Since I won the newcomer award I have had a massive amount of interest in my work, which is great,” she said.

“People are contacting me to buy and commission my work, which is lovely, but it’s been quite manic since then and I’ve been doing back to back exhibitions.”

Hot on the heels of an open exhibition at Ferrens Art Gallery, in Hull, where Ms Scott’s detailed artwork was featured as the promotional poster and brochure she has organised a more local show.

Feather and Ink opens at the The Station, Richmond, on Saturday, March 14 and will run for two weeks.

As the title infers, Ms Scott’s carefully crafted, hand-coloured lino cut artwork will featured birds.

There are about 30 individual pieces, a mix of ravens, rooks and magpies, which she admits she is a little obsessed with at the moment.

She added: “The exhibition will be on the mezzanine level which is great as it is so visible from all parts of the building.

“I’ve got some of my early prints and there are some that I have finished last week that I’ve done especially for the exhibition.

“At the moment I’m a little obsessed with magpies. I think they are really intelligent and I’ve spent a bit of time watching them and how they interact with each other and there is something really interesting about them, especially the folk tales about them.”

A year ago Ms Scott moved her studio from home to Hall Street, in Barnard Castle, and has found sharing a creative space with pointillist artist Rachel Scott a positive move.

She added: “It’s just been great.

“We really help and play off each other’s creativity and while the studio isn’t massive it works for us.

“I’m more of a night owl and so find myself in the studio in the afternoons and evenings, whereas Rachel is a bit of an early bird so we pass and catch up with each other around lunch time.”

This positivity could also lead to a new venture for Ms Scott, who has been thinking of creating an illustrated book based of the myths and legends of Teesdale and the north.

She said: “I have been thinking of this for some time and Rachel has really been pushing to get started on the project.

“At the moment I’m just trying to get things clear in my head but I’m really drawn to the darker tales but I’m also thinking it could be a walk through the seasons and who everything changes.”

Feather and Ink continues at The Station, Richmond, until Wednesday March 25.