DOORSTEP SINGING: Soprano Penny Randall-Davis
DOORSTEP SINGING: Soprano Penny Randall-Davis

AN arts charity has launched a project to support independent and freelance artists hit by the Covid-19 lockdown – and offer a range of free creative activities for all ages.
Creativity in Crisis has been unveiled by Northern Heartlands thanks to Covid emergency funding from Arts Council England.
The scheme comprises eight separate creative projects which were chosen after professional artists were invited to put forward their ideas.
From a total of 27 applications, the panel whittled down a shortlist from which the successful eight were chosen.
They have received funding ranging from £700 to £2,800 for projects that will provide employment for a total of 18 artists and free creative activities for dozens of people.
Successful projects range from singing to storytelling and photography to animation.
They include doorstep singing for wellbeing, led by dale-based professional soprano Penny Randall-Davis, and Living Rooms, the chance to create a short animated film with expert Sheryl Jenkins.
Katherine Goda will lead a project called Hands that Can, which aims to get mums of babies and children up to two years involved in creative activities of their own, while photographer Louise Taylor is organising a virtual competition focusing on agricultural shows.
Northern Heartlands director Jill Cole said: “There has been a lot of publicity recently about how the arts and culture sectors have really suffered as a result of the pandemic.
“While larger organisations have been able to furlough staff, many independent freelance artists have not received anything at all.
“The Covid-19 emergency funding from Arts Council England was very much aimed at supporting individual artists.”
She said the creative programme aims to support people who have been isolated during lockdown.
The full list of activities on offer can be found on the Northern Heartlands website: