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Review of The Mousetrap - Darlington Civic Theatre

THE MOUSETRAP now in its 64th year in the West End with over 25,000 performances continues its 60th anniversary tour at Darlington Civic Theatre.

The play begins on a cold winter’s day with a radio broadcast of a murder. We hear this in the living room of Monkswell Manor Guest House, where the owners, Mollie, Anna Anderson, and Giles Ralston, Nick Barclay, arrive and anxiously await their first guests. As you would expect this means an assortment of characters, which normally wouldn’t mix together where anyone could be the murderer and with Agatha Christie anything is possible.

The mix of characters include the over the top Christopher Wren, Oliver Gully. The elderly Mrs Boyle superbly played by Louise Jemeson. The mysterious foreigner Mr Paravicini, Gregory Cox, the young single lady Miss Casewell, Amy Downham and of course there has to be a military link with Major Metcalf, Tony Boncza. The police are often pivitol to these productions and Sgt Trotter, Lewis Collier, makes it to the snowed in Guest House on his skis to complete the gathering.

The plot twists and turns with red herrings round every corner. The solid performances from the cast place suspicion on all of them during the course of the play leaving you in suspence right to the end, where you will be entrusted to keep the secret in tradition with The Mousetrap.

Runs at Darlington Civic Theatre until Saturday 13th February.


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