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Review of The Last Tango - Darlington Civic Theatre

THE LAST Tango, the farewell show from BBCs Strictly Come Dancing stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, is a sophisticated, slick and poignant production. The set shows an attic space where George is sorting through his attic finding objects that remind of his youth. The younger version of George is played by Vincent with his love played by Flavia.

The dancing is electric and the partnership between Vincent and Flavia is simply a delight to watch, the chemistry between their movement shows exactly why they have won so many awards. It is impossible to be transfixed throughout. The group of dancers which accompanied Vincent and Flavia were sensational. This though is not just a dance show, the live band, singing, costumes and lighting are all superb.

The audience was diverse from young children, obviously potential dancers of the future, and those slightly older who were, like George, able to fondly remember past times.


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