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Review of Let It Be - Darlington Civic Theatre

LET IT BE is the concert the Beatles would have given if they were around now. This is not a show about The Beatles, but a show of Beatles music. The journey of their many hits are broken into different places they performed moving from The Cavern Club, The Royal Variety Performance and playing in America. For me the best section was when they focused on Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.

The members of the band change during the tour and at Darlington they were made up of Paul Canning as John Lennon, Ian B Garcia as Paul Mc Cartney, Paul Mannion as George Harrison, and Stuart Wilkinson as Ringo Starr. These are a very accomplished set of musicians who have the right look and sound, apart from the accents when talking. You could even argue that Stuart Wilkinson is a better drummer than Ringo Starr.

The staging is superb from the lighting and costumes to the TV screens showing events from the time of The Beatles.

Fast paced and entertaining, I am sure fans of The Beatles will not be disappointed.


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