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Review of Dial M For Murder - Darlington Civic Theatre

DIAL M For Murder is the latest production from Talking Scarlet and their best so far. Originally written by Frederick Knot for BBC TV before transferring to the stage, it is perhaps better known from Hitchcock’s film in 1954. Talking Scarlet transport you back to 1952 into the stylish living room of a London flat perfectly recreating that upper class fashionable style of living.

This murder story is not your typical who dunnit, it can be compared more closely to Columbo in style, as we know from the start who is responsible, we are just left wondering throughout how the Inspector will work out the truth. The story follows Tony Wendice, Coronation Street’s Oliver Mellor, a retired tennis star who plans to have his wealthy wife, Sheila Wendice, played by Terri Dwyer, murdered. Sheila is having an affair with Max Halliday, Marcus Hutton. Tony has set up an almost improbable scenario which involves Captain Lesgate, Jolyon Young, carrying his dirty work out for him, whilst he has created what he thinks is the perfect alibi.

The action may start slow but the tension builds throughout. The best scenes are certainly when Inspector Hubbard, John Hester, enters he is the perfect eccentric character you love to solve crime. The murder scene may have appeared slightly farcical but this production will have you gripped until the final scene.

Dial M For Murder runs at Darlington Civic Theatre until Saturday 2nd April


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