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Mixed reception for cast iron artwork said to block iconic Teesdale view

A NEW piece of art in Teesdale has come under fire for obscuring the very view it was created to celebrate.
The six feet cast iron feather was erected at the lay-by on the B6282, near Middleton-in-Teesdale.
The sculpture forms part of a Teesdale Viewmarkers project by charity group ARTworks in Teesdale. Other pieces include a cast iron Spitfire on Winston Bridge and cast iron bottles at Gainford Spa.
When the £50,000 project was launched it was hoped the exhibits would “get residents and tourists asking questions about what they are and why they are there”.
However, much of the upset has been because it is said to be blocking the view.
People took to social media to vent their anger at the weekend. One person wrote: “I like it, just think it could be better placed.
“If it is a quill perhaps it could be placed upright in what looks like an inkwell on top of The Blue Gentian sign?
“My point is the sculpture is not well placed for the majority of people to see the iconic view.”
Others have criticised the work itself.
 “They’ve done a superb job of adding to the ‘it spoils the view’ argument. I dislike it on that level and because it’s a poorly observed and created piece of art that has ended up as a mutation of a leaf and a feather,” added one person.
Another said: “I don’t mind public art but nothing, absolutely nothing can enhance that view along the Tees valley. Please remove it.”
Others have defended the work saying people can easily walk around  it to see the landscape. Teesdale Photographic Society member Wendi Blair said: “Art is not good or bad, it is down to the opinion of the observer.
“I like this piece, I don’t think it detracts from the view, you can get by it to see the dale without it in the way. Not every artwork is to everyone’s taste. It doesn’t mean that the work you don’t like is wrong or bad, it’s just not your thing.”


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