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Backing for Barnard Castle Cricket Club's licence bid

COUNCILLORS have backed an application for a new premises licence at Barnard Castle Cricket Club.
Alcohol will be licensed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the Vere Road club and outdoor music will be allowed until midnight if the request gets the green light.
Members of the town council planning committee gave the licensing their blessing on the back of the club’s league success.
“Personally I think this is a worthwhile venture,” said town mayor Cllr John Blissett.
“This application is for if they want to put weddings and functions on – if you look at the club now it’s going to look very good when it’s finished. They’ve brought success to the town and it is damn sight cheaper than The Witham.”
Cllr Emma Rowell agreed the club was an affordable venue for families and Cllr Frank Harrison praised the club’s junior section.
Cllr Tony Cooke added: “I think it is a good thing – they are a beneficial partner of the town. They incorporate the community with lots of coaching sessions.”
A major £200,000 renovation is reaching its final stages at the club with a longer bar, new kitchen and function room comfortably accommodating up to 130 people.
Updates to the licence would mean films could be shown in the clubhouse between noon and 5pm Monday to Friday.
Cllr Cooke asked: “How will them showing films on a membership basis work? That would affect The Witham.”
Club member John Yarker revealed the clubhouse already had an entertainment licence and had been showing films for some time.
Indoor music would be allowed at all hours if the application was accepted – with late night refreshment permitted between 11pm and 5pm Monday to Sunday.
Cllr John Blissett added: “I hope they get Tetley Imperial back as there are only two places left in town that do it.”


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