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Village's bargain phone box

RESIDENTS are ringing the changes in their village after they adopted a phone box for £1 and then turned it into an information point.
People living in Hutton Magna have taken over the red telephone kiosk so they can keep a little piece of heritage on the village green. The parish council has found a new use for the structure by creating a News Box, where people can pin up events, messages and information.
It will also be used as a collection point for newspapers, and residents hope to place a bench, some books and a few flowers inside the phone box, which is also being given a lick of paint.
Parish chairwoman Mary Collard said: “Our old notice board has seen better days and it’s often difficult for people to put up messages because it’s often locked.
“But people can now pin up what they want in the phone box – it’s there for all the community and people from other villages are welcome to use it too.”
BT had wanted to scrap Hutton Magna’s phone box, but residents were allowed to buy it for £1 under a scheme called ‘Adopt a kiosk’. Residents had a choice of paying about £90 a year to retain the kiosk’s electricity or paying about £250 to get it disconnected,
It’s Your Community scheme, a joint initiative between O2 and the Conservation Foundation, gave the parish council a £250 grant towards getting the disconnection costs.
“It would have been a shame to lose the red box, but this way we can keep it,” Ms Collard added.
A spokeswoman for BT said: “Even though many people do not actually use them anymore, we recognise that the iconic red K6 kiosk is a focal point for communities.”


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